Waynesboro Fly Fishing Tournament most successful fundraiser in SVTU history

1 fly winner fishThe first annual Waynesboro Fly Fishing Tournament was held in Constitution Park in downtown Waynesboro on April 26.  The tournament was sponsored by the Shenandoah Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited (SVTU), the South River Fly Shop and Waynesboro Tourism. Six teams competed for over $3,000 worth of donated fly fishing gear, including rods from G. Loomis and Echo.  The team winners of the tournament were Matt Riordan (pictured), who also won the award for the highest scoring angler with 10 fish.  The largest trout award went to Matt Bennett for a fat 18″ rainbow.

Said SVTU member Jim Josefson, “We had great weather, good fishing, wonderful contestants and an all around terrific event.  The event included a dinner with silent auction that, along with tournament entry fees, made for the most successful fundraiser in SVTU history.”

In conjunction with the tournament, a grant from Waynesboro Tourism and donations from anglers provided for two supplemental stockings of large rainbow trout on top of the usual VDGIF stocking of the South River Delayed Harvest section.

The Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited is made up of representatives of the state’s 16 TU chapters.